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Are you looking for a way to be fit, strong and flexible while building your body up versus breaking your body down?

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We believe movement matters, you matter, and how you move affects how you live. Remedy’s experienced instructors are dedicated to meeting your body’s unique needs through alignment, connection, building strength, and increasing flexibility. Our mission is to help you move better, so that you feel better, and love the body you are living in!  


Let us be your guide.

Whether you’re looking to jump right into our Pilates group classes or seeking more specialized, private sessions with one of our amazing instructors, we’re here to help!

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Pilates Group Class Packages

Single Class: $35
5-Pack: $166 (- 5 %)
10-Pack: $315 (- 10%)

Private Session Packages

Single Session: $95-$110
5-Pack: $451 – $525 (-5%)
10-Pack: $855 – $1000 (-10%)

Semi-Private Packages

Single Session: $50
5-Pack: $238 (- 5%)
10-Pack: $450 (-10%)

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